Sunday, June 25, 2006

Great Baseball Day

This is the last day of my vacation except for flying home tomorrow.

It was a great baseball day.

We spent the afternoon in Oklahoma City watching the OKC Redhawks lose to the New Orleans Zephyrs. The temperature was in the high eighties, a few clouds to bring some much needed shade occacionally. A steady wind blowing in that helped as well.

It was a good game until the tenth inning, but OKC then fell apart.

It's a beautiful stadium though. I took quite a few pictures and will be sharing them with you.

After the game we ate at Mickey Mantle's restaurant across the street. It was great too and I'll have more information for you in the next day or two.

When we got to our hotel, I watched most of the second College World Series game between North Carolina and Oregon State University. I'm not usually a fan of higher scoring games, but this was fun and exciting.

I'm now watching the Astros beating the Whitesox. It's the top of the ninth and the score is 9 to 5.

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