Friday, June 23, 2006

Guillen Fine and Daily Predictions

It's tough to pick a winner in interleague play, but here goes:

Reds over the Indians
Cardinals over the Tigers
Twins over the Cubs
White Sox over the Astros
Mariners over the Padres

I'm not sure I agree with punishing somone for speaking his mind. I could see maybe the Whitesox fining him if he broke a rule because he's their employee. It's hard for me to see the league doing it though, unless it's during a game.

What about the 1st Amendment rights to free speech?

I'm getting really tired of the so-called political correctness. Often it seems like political correctness just something to give those people who can't think of something meaningful to say a chance to say something. It rarely adds anything of value to a discussion and frequently deflects meaningful conversation into another subject.

These days there are only three groups that it is politically corrrect to badmouth in the United States. The first is white males, second are older people, and third are obese people. One can say just about anything one wants about any of this group, especially white males and fat people.

I happen to fit into all three categories so I'm pretty much open to any vergal abuse anyone would care to heap.

I have recently started a website about health and weightloss.
Check it out.

I'm currently on vacation is Oklahoma and have been eating the heavy food of the area. When I get back I'm planning on some weightloss. I'll be putting up a diary blow. The address will follow.