Friday, June 30, 2006

Mickey Mantle's Home Part III & Daily Predictions

Those of you who have read recent posts know that my family and Mickey Mantle's family knew each other and were neighbors in the early thirties.

Dad told me about a trip to Tulsa he and Mutt (Mickey's father) and some of the other men of Spavinaw, OK made. A barnstorming team including Mickey Cochran played there. Mutt was so impressed with Cochrane's play that he decided right then to name his son Mickey.

I did pretty well yesterday, 4 out of 5. I should have known better picking the Cubs over the Brewers, but I like the Cubs and think Wrigley is the best baseball experience in the major leagues and I've never quite forgiven the Brewers for leaving Seattle.

Anyway, my y-t-d totals are 11-9 or 55% so I'm finally better than that fateful flipping coin.

Today's picks:

  • Chisox over Cubs-the Cubs sometimes seem to be trying to lose. They're not playing as a team and are trying too hard so they make mistakes. Unfortunately this may cost Dusty Baker his job.
  • Tigers over the Pirates. Jim Leyland has done an incredible job and at this point should be manager of the year.
  • Cardninals over the Royals. St. Louis needs to get back to winning ways, and there's nothing like a series against the lowly Kansas City team to make that happen.
  • Marlins over Bosox. I love Boston and strongly dislike the Marlins, largely due to the way habit they have of building a good team, winning, then dumping the team. I also hate the way Willis wears his hat. As far as I'm concerned that's a mockery of baseball. When I become commissioner, that will stop. However, Boston's 12 game winning streak is due to come to an end and it just might be tonight.
  • Reds over the Indians.

Have a very good, nice day, and let's play ball.