Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baseball Announcers

I've been watching a lot of baseball the last three years.

Two years ago I bought the On Demand Baseball package through my cable carrier, Comcast and started watching a lot of games, especially National League games.

This year I bought the package through ESPN that allows me to watch and listen to games on my computer while I work. Since I spend a good deal of time on my computer, this is ideal.


I have learned that there are a lot of TV baseball announcers that are really bad. They are still announcing the way they have always announced, that is for the home crowd. That was okay when they were just broadcasting to the local fans, but it's no longer the way to broadcast.

Come on guys, you are now announcing to the world. Give us some background, talk about the players as if you are talking to people who haven't been fans of the team for years.

Oh, and it might be a good idea if you talk about the game once and a while.