Thursday, June 15, 2006

Favorite Baseball Memory

In 1977 I went to my first MLB game. It was between the Seattle Mariners and the New York Yankees.

That year the Yankess were stockpiled with talent. What a surprise.

During the Yankee batting practice all of the high priced talent was standing around, not working up a sweat. In foul territory, in front of the dugout, Yogi Berra was hitting sharp grownders to three "no name" infielders. Yogi would toss up the ball, take a swing and hit the ball. At the same time, his pants would slip a little and he'd grab his pants and give them a good jerk upwards. Then he would catch the toss from the infielder who had caught the ball and go through the whole process again.

Yogi looked like he was having so much fun! Yogi looked like a little boy playing baseball on "The Hill" in St. Louis.

Of all the people on the field Yogi looked like the only one who was having fun. Only Yogi remembered that baseball was a game.

We could use more people like Yogi in the game today.